22 things that need to change in the healthcare system to make it good:

1. inflation compensation 💰

2. less bureaucracy, be it in budget negotiations with the health insurance funds, audits by the medical service, etc. 🖇

3. consistent focus on the needs of patients and not on sectors (outpatient/inpatient) or professional groups.

4. reorganization of investment financing: modern technology, IT equipment and up-to-date infrastructure.💰

5. Uniform data standards: What is taken for granted in the supermarket must also be possible in the healthcare sector. 💻

6. IT systems must be interoperable💻

7. digital cross-sector patient file: Every attending physician must know medication, laboratory values, other findings, previous illnesses and previous treatments = data protection in the interests of the patient. 💻

8. unconditional commitment to quality in every hospital: my suggestion: quality management concepts such as the Magnet Recognition Program or accreditation according to Joint Commission standards should become mandatory.

9. make supply bottlenecks transparent for all products, not just medicines.

10 Fewer laws instead of more. Healthcare stakeholders are drowning in laws and regulations. ⚖

11. attractive working and training conditions for all professional groups.

12. new distribution of tasks between the professional groups: Away from doctor-centricity towards more interdisciplinarity across professional groups.

13. no money for dilapidated structures. But rather develop intelligent, innovative, regional concepts. And: Courage for the planned closure of hospitals.

14. personnel management competence must be anchored in hospital management.

15. rethink governance structures:
❓ Is the tripartite division into nursing, medical management and commercial management in the interests of patient orientation?
❓Does it make sense for university hospitals to be part of the Ministry of Science and all other hospitals to be part of the Ministry of Social Affairs or the Ministry of Health?
❓How should supervisory bodies be composed?

16. courageous politicians who drive intelligent change in the regions. It makes neither medical nor economic sense for mayors, district administrators and state politicians to hold on to “their” hospital.

17. attractive working conditions for doctors and pharmacists in private practice.

18. New concepts for emergency care.

19. strengthening the health literacy of the population.

20 Prevention must also play a much greater role in medical studies.

21. other incentive and funding systems: more money for talking medicine, for health coaching, not just rewarding those who do the most cases. 💰

22. excellent healthcare for citizens, whether in the countryside or in the city. ❤️

#What have I forgotten? Which points are important to you?

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