Section 4: financing instruments and purchasing groups

Why do you find purchasing groups and financing instruments in the same section? Good question!
The common ground of both subjects? Either you are very intensly bothered with this topic or not at all.

Purchasing groups

If you come from a large hospital group, the question of membership in a purchasing group may not arise because you established your own structures.
However in germany, more and more hospital alliances/groups are joining purchasing groups.

Financial instruments

In Germany normally the federal states are responsible for the financing of technical equipment or IT-infrastructure.
Hospital normally shouldn’t have to care about these investments. But for many years, the federal states haven’t fulfilled this investment obligation. So many hospitals have to find solutuins to replace outdated equipment.
Sometimes the financial departments care for solutions.

Sometimes is up to the purchaising department. We briefly explain the different financing instruments. We want you to be ready for a professional discussion with internal or external experts.

Logistics can help to improve the cash flow.

How can you improve the liquidity of your hospital?. Mathias Schönfeld gives you practical tips for improving the cash flow.

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