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Dr. Kerstin Stachel and Lennart Eltzholtz

We got to know each other in Bonn, built up a professional purchasing department together and have now written intensively on this book! It was not always as harmonious as it looks on the pictures 😉 But now we are happy that we made it.

Dr. Kerstin Stachel

I have been self-employed since November 2023. From 2015 to Nov 2023, I was Commercial Director of Magdeburg University Hospital and a member of the Executive Board. From 2008-2015 at the University Hospital Bonn in various management positions. I started as Head of Purchasing and Logistics, and later also took over as Head of Human Resources. As deputy spokesperson and then chairwoman of the EK-UNICO purchasing association, I was able to accompany the transformation from a rather loose network of 14 university hospitals to a professional purchasing association with a turnover of 1.4 billion. More about me:

Lennart Eltzholtz

Since June 2020 Managing Director of Sana Einkauf & Logistik GmbH and since February 2022 Authorized Representative of Sana Suisse Med AG based in Baar (Switzerland). Previously Head of Strategic Purchasing and Head of Portfolio & Business Partner Management at Sana Purchasing & Logistics. At the University Hospital in Bonn, I was in charge of strategic purchasing. I am a guest lecturer at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and the
Institute for Organization & Management (IOM) at SteinbeisHochschuleBerlin.
You can learn more about me here:

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  • Dr. Christian Bichler
  • Stefan Bode
  • Thomas Couturier
  • Thomas Dierkes
  • Jan Edel
  • Dr. Tjarko Geelvink
  • Christopher Glogger
  • Clemens Count von Wedel
  • Ingo Gurcke
  • Dagmar Hozová
  • Valentin Klumb
  • Dr. Florian Immekus
  • Dr. Clemens Jüttner
  • Johannes Müer
  • Justine Neumann
  • Josefine van den Oever
  • Alexander Pfahlbusch
  • Mathias Schönfeld
  • Martin Schumm
  • Eva Stichler
  • Niels Törkel
  • Fiona Walter
  • Dr. Stefan Waßmann

Future purchasing and logistics

Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner

“The immense importance of digitization for systemic functions in healthcare
is underestimated. (…)”

Julia von Grundherr

“Everyone can begin to design play spaces in their immediate environment to bring more meaning and effectiveness back into their work. (…)”

Geoff Martha

Patients benefit when buying groups streamline procurement processes and increase the speed and efficiency of MedTech companies’ access to large networks of healthcare providers. (…)

Jonah Grütters

“Hospitals must live innovative structures if they want to be employers of the future! …”

Laura Wamprecht

“Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence will transform healthcare most dramatically: …”

Thomas Lemke

“We need fundamental reforms and an inclusive health policy (…)”

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