Section 6: Digitalization and use of IT

What does a buyer need to know about IT?

Quite a lot, because nothing works without digitalization in purchasing. It’s not about you becoming an IT expert, but you need to understand the key tools and instruments and how they relate to each other.
You should be aware of the fact that you lay the foundation for digitalization in many areas.

You’ll learn in this chapter:

  • Which operational IT systems are used in a hospital and what data is generated.
  • What an enterprise resource planning system can do.
  • How master data and material groups are built up.
  • How to communicate with the supplier.
  • What business intelligence is and why you need a data warehouse.
  • How artificial intelligence can support you and how it will change your work.
  • What tools are available for electronic procurement processes.
  • What opportunities there are to collaborate and manage projects in the digital world.
  • And you’ll get a brief overview of data privacy and information security.

Last but not least we talk a bit about the block chain, the metaverse and NFTs and think about how this technologies can be used in purchasing an Logistics.

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