Section 2: Basic knowledge for buyers and logisticians

A buyer has to be an all-rounder, the logistician a magician. Hard to find these people in the real world. As a leader you have exactly to know which competencies you need
to build a succesful buyer team. In the first chapter you find helpful informations about the competencies of a buyer and in the second chapter, those of a logistician.

Skills of magicians and all-rounders

Moderation and negotiation

A deep understanding of medical processes and products as well as the ability to build realationships with experts from all professions is crucial.
Buyers and logisticans are good communicators. They are appreciated for there expertise. Moderation in the hospital context means to succeed in bringing together the know-how of all experts without wasting the time of high paid experts. We provide you
with tips for running successful workshops. Its eveident that negotiating is a core task. You negotiate with suppliers about prices, with doctors and nurses about which product is used and with your management about how goals are set. We teach you how to negotiate properly?

Good preparation is the basis. You have to know the facts and figures! You know everything about the products, services you want to negotiate. You have clearly defined your goals for the negotiation! You think that is actually self-evident? Well you are rigght. Thats why we focus on the real challenges in negotiations together with Dr. Stefan Waßman. The core question is: How do you manage the relationships between people?
New Work and Sustainability

Sustainability and New Work

Everybody is talking about Sustainability and New Work. How can you bring these concepts/ideas to life? What can you do to day and how do you prepare your organization for the future? We share with you our experiences and thoughts. Dr. Clemens Jüttner and Fiona Walter show how sustainability can work in hospitals and in purchasing

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