3 Tools for more efficency …

1. loom
Loom(loom.com) lets you record your desktop/screen and record video and sound at the same time. So you can guide through a Power Point, give feedback on a website or a text. Very helpful tool if you want to explain something “personally”. It’s a wonderful alternative to the live call and super for training, feedback or instructions.

2. Miro
We use Miro(miro.com ) for online workshops or interactive online collaboration in teams. MIRO offers all the tools for a professional workshop.

And last but not least: We started working with videos. A challenge for us. Partly, the software solutions for cutting and editing are complicated (for us). With www.veed.io we have managed to cut videos quickly,
automatically provide subtitles
and add some effects.

And one more thing 😉: If you want to try something new, it’s worth taking a look at tryitonai.com. You upload photos and the AI simulates a photo studio. I have used one of the results as a picture here. Not bad, but I prefer a real photographer.

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