Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership: What does it mean to be a leader?

As a leader, you’re there,
✍ when everyone is already at home,
✍ hold your head down when something has gone wrong,
✍ you know the soul of your employees and get the best out of them

make sure of it,
✍ that your employees will survive the one or other valley of tears well,
✍ that they believe in themselves even when the situation seems hopeless,
✍ that visions become reality.

In short:

As a manager, you serve your employees and your
✍ make them better people.
✍ makes them grow wings.
✍ Make sure they get better than you.
✍ enable them to achieve things they never thought possible.

💥 In short: You are catalyst, personal developer, coach, listener, storyteller, motivator, doer…. 💥

You ask yourself: Where am I? Where do I get my strength and energy every day?

✍ You take pleasure in the growth of others.
✍ You are happy about your successes.
You are grateful that you can make the world a little better.

What could be more beautiful?

And last but not least: You take care of yourself and your health.

Too dreamy? Too idealistic?

That is my understanding of leadership.

How do you see it?

Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

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