Impressions from the Congress: It was wonderful.

What an exciting week! We had wonderful conversations with a lot of people. Here are a few impressions of these inspiring moments. We say thank you to everyone who supported us. Above all, we would like to thank our co-authors and, of course, Sana-Kliniken AG for supportin the launch.

For those who could not come in person You get here a smple chapter (in german)

Thanks to: Dr. Christian Bichler, Stefan Bode, Thomas Couturier, Thomas Dierkes, Jan Edel, Dr. Tjarko Geelvink, Christopher Glogger, Clemens Graf von Wedel, Ingo Gurcke, Dagmar Hozová,
Valentin Klumb, Dr. Florian Immekus, Dr. Clemens Jüttner, Johannes Müer, Justine Neumann, Josefine van den Oever, Alexander Pfahlbusch, Mathias Schönfeld, Martin Schumm, Eva Stichler, Niels Törkel, Fiona Walter, Dr. Stefan Waßmann

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