Procurement Reimagined Podcast Episode with me

I had the wonderfull opportunity to speak to Daniel Barnes on his Podcast Procurement Reimagined by Gatekeeper. Daniel and I were discussion about the challanges of Healthcare Procurement.

Why is healthcare procurement something worth talking about?
💡 Supply Chain Management for hospitals has the goal to secure high quality products for a reasonable pricing so hospitals can focus on patient treatment.
Characteristics of healthcare services are:
💡Hospitals provide services for patients, which you cannot produce in stock
💡The services are difficult to plan e.g. emergency treatments
💡The patient must cooperate in order to achieve the quality of outcome (compliance).
Physicians have individual freedom
💡 Hospitals are expert organizations
💡  Physicians have therapeutic freedom
Hospitals are highly regulated
💡 Hospitals are subject to a legally regulated financing system
💡  hey cannot set prices themselves in many healthcare systems, e.g. Germany

Those are just some characteristics that influence procurement
💡  Due to the the individual freedom of physicians and their expertise and reputation. Hospital Management is often more dependent on the physicians then the other way around.
💡 Physicians might leave the hospital and work elsewhere if they have to compromise to much. This often leeds to a lack of strategic targets
💡A lack of company vision and strategy leads to a lack of procurement framework
💡Depending on the size and range of treatment hospitals need up to 80k different medical products and pharmazeuticals
💡 Medical experts sometimes have a preference for certain medical products they are used to
💡Which makes standardization and cost saving challenging
💡 Procurement will not be allowed to decide which medical products will be used.

❗ Procurement is in a role of a moderator trying to find the sweet spot between quality, useability and cost.

You can listen to the episode here:



I hope you enjoy the episode with Daniel and myself. There will be an englisch eBook series about healthcare procurement together with Dr. Kerstin Stachel coming out next year! So stay tuned and follow HealthCareBrain to get constant updates and additional values. Übersetzung anzeigen

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